Tips & Tricks to Tame Your Gmail Inbox

Session Description: Two of the main complaints about email are: “I get way too many emails to keep track of everything” & “I frequently miss seeing an important emails”. This PD session is designed to help you with both of these problems and provide additional tips and tricks to tame your email. Included will be: the five different ways Google lets you view your inbox, labels (a.k.a. folders), filtering, automating repetitive tasks, searching for old emails and managing attachments. You will also learn how to adjust the Settings Tabs for your email- General, Labels, Inbox, Accounts, Filters, Forwarding &  POP/IMAP Chat, Labs, Offline, Themes and Multiple inboxes.
Presenter: Anthony Luscre
Recorded on: March 3, 2015 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm EST

After the live webinar, a recorded version of the video will be posted below.

Session Resources: 
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 Redirecting Two Email Accounts to One Mailbox - NEW ADDITION 8/31/2016 Don't Miss
 The Fastest Way To Set Gmail As Your Default Mail Client

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