Stocking the Essential Toolbox for Today’s Teacher

Session Description: A well-equipped toolbox is essential for completing jobs around the home—everything from hanging a picture frame to fixing a dripping faucet or even doing major home improvements. Today’s teachers need to assemble their own well-equipped toolbox for teaching. Pencils, paper, books, a slate and chalk were basically all that was needed just 25 years ago; but today teachers need to have a lot more tools. Let’s “go shopping” to stock your toolbox and don’t worry about your budget as it will all be free! First let’s pick a PLN (Professional Learning Network) to get you started. Next add a plethora of links to online tools, apps and interactive websites.

Add a library, free of course, filled with eBooks, Online Books, Audio Books, Podcasts, Educational Videos & Study Guides. Throw in that essential tool of how to effectively and efficiently search the web. Toss in a few how-to manuals for a variety of teaching task. Collect a large handful of “Next Generation Assessment” tools. Gather a collection of Educational and Technology News sites to keep you up-to-date. Finally top it off with an all-in-one multi-tool,– a list of sites that will help you and your students find the who, what, when and how on a wide variety of subjects, so that both you and your students can Learn Something New Every Day!
Presenter: Anthony Luscre

After the live webinar, a recorded version of the video will be posted below.

Session Resources: 
  Slide Show- link
 Teacher Resources Web Page
 Free eBooks,  Online Books, Audio Books, Educational Videos, Podcasts, Study Guides & Online Courses/MOOCs
 "Building Your PLN" from Edublogs Teacher Challenges connect with me.
 Web Searching Resources Web Page
 Chrome Web Apps & Extensions-  Web Page
 20 Digital Skills Every-21st-century Teacher Should Know Web Page
 12 Things Your Students Should Know to be Computer/Tech Literate Web Page
  Free ebook: 101 Practical Ways to Ditch That Textbook

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