Guerrilla Web Searching - Part 1

Session Description: This two-part webinar utilizes a six‐pronged approach to improving attendee Web Searching & Information/Digital Literacy:
1) Five very simple things to immediately improve you and your student's searching.
2) The powerful technique of Recursive Web Searching (RWS).
3) Getting out of the single search engine rut, using >200 search sites to find different & specialized types of information.

Presenter: Anthony Luscre
Date: January 13, 2015- 3:30pm to 4:30pm EST -  Click to add this event to your Google Calendar
Before the session: Please download and print packet of handouts to be used with this session- 
(pages are designed to print best as 11 x 17" in color, but can be printed smaller and/or in black & white)

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