Edmodo as a Professional Learning Network

Session Description: Edmodo is a like a Swiss Army knife for Educators. You can use it as a tool with your class/students-- create assignments, share materials & resources, do assessments and much more. But there is another side to Edmodo for educators as a Professional Learning Network (PLN). This webinar will focus on this side of Edmodo. With over 12 Communities covering subject areas, almost 400 Teacher-Created Groups and 45,000,000+ users worldwide, Edmodo is a great place to connect with your colleagues. You can share resources, ask questions and even find complete lesson plans. In addition many educational technology conferences, from international FETC, to state- Ohio Educational Technology Conference and even regional conferences- SPARCC Technology Conference are leveraging Edmodo's PLN possibilities with "Powered by Edmodo". Oh, and I forgot to mention it is Free for educators to use! This webinar will go over the basics of using Edmodo and how to leverage its resources for a great tool in your own PLN.  

You can access this page directly at tiny.cc/sparcc206

Presenter: Anthony Luscre
Date: February 3, 2015- 3:30pm to 4:30pm EST

Session Resources:
    Edmodo Website
    Edmodo as a Professional Learning Network- Presentation
    Edmodo Teacher-Created Group Join Codes- Link
    Form to submit a newly created Edmodo group- tiny.cc/edmodo-sub  to the listing (don't use this until after the Webinar!!)

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