Google Classroom: Amazing Mobile Features

Session Description: Google Classroom is a great tool for managing class assignments, collaboration, discussions and more. However, if you are only using the normal web version, you are missing out on many special features. Students and teachers can also run Classroom as a mobile app on phones, tablets, and modern Chromebooks. The mobile version adds several additional tools such as handwritten annotations, the option to take and insert images and videos, share content from other mobile apps in Classroom, push notifications, and more. See how you and your students can take Classroom to the next level with mobile!
Presenter: Eric Curts
Date Recorded: September 21, 2017 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm EST

Session Resources: 
Blog post - "Amazing Mobile Features of Google Classroom" - Website link
"Amazing Mobile Features of Google Classroom" - Directions, Slideshow, and Links -
 Website Link
Google Classroom Overview - Earlier webinar with basic Classroom info - Webinar link

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