Google Forms for Online Assessments

Session Description: With Google Forms built-in quiz feature you can easily create online assessments. The quizzes can be graded automatically, giving you and your students detailed results right away. This is a great tool to help prepare students for online standardized tests, deliver common assessments, and add more formative assessments to your class. Learn how to create quizzes with Forms, include a variety of question types, add images and videos, administer and grade the quiz, and more
Presenter: Eric Curts
Date Recorded: October 4, 2017

Session Resources: 
 Blog Post - "24 Tips for Google Forms Quizzes" - Blog post link
 Blog Post - "Multiple Correct Answers in Google Form Quizzes" - Blog post link
 Blog Post - "Grading Extended Response Questions with Google Forms Quiz Feature" - Blog post link
 Blog Post - "New Google Forms Quiz Feature vs Flubaroo" - Blog post link
 Chrome Web Extension - "Read&Write for Google Chrome" - Chrome Web Store link
 Chrome Web Extension - "VoiceIn Voice Typing" - Chrome Web Store link

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