Supercharge Google Docs with Drawings

Session Description: You can't do that in Docs! If you have ever made this claim, you may not be taking advantage of everything Docs can do. Built into Docs is Google Drawings, a tool that can add more features and make Docs more interactive. See how you and your students can use the integrated Drawings option in Docs to add playable videos, insert text boxes, add captions to images, embed graphic organizers, add interactive activities, provide a whiteboard area for student work, and more.
Presenter: Eric Curts
Recorded: December 5, 2017

Session Resources: 
 Blog post - "8 Ways to Supercharge Google Docs with Drawings" - Web site link
 Slideshow - "Supercharge Google Docs with Drawings" - Google Slides link
 General Drawings resources - Web site link
 Watermark template - Google Document Link
 Blog post - "How to Insert Text Boxes in Google Docs" - Web site link
 Blog post - "4 Ways to Play Videos in Google Docs" - Web site link

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