Supercharge Google Slides with Add-Ons

Session Description: Google Slides is already pretty awesome, but with free Add-Ons you can make it even awesome-er! Learn how to find, install, use, and manage Add-Ons for Slides including tools for finding and inserting free images, creating a photo slideshow from a Drive folder, creating interactive presentations with Pear Deck, batch formatting of text and images, and more. 
Presenter: Eric Curts
Date Recorded: February 6, 2018 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm EST

Session Resources: 
 Blog post - "9 Awesome Add-ons to Supercharge Google Slides" - Web site link
 Session Slideshow - "Supercharge Google Slides with Add-ons" - Google Slides link
 Slides Add-ons 
- Unsplash Photos - Slides Add-on link
- Top Stock Photos - Slides Add-on link
- Insert Icons - Slides Add-on link
- PhotoSlideshow - Slides Add-on link
- Shutterstock Editor - Slides Add-on link
- Flat - Slides Add-on link
- Paletti - Slides Add-on link
- Slides Toolbox - Slides Add-on link
- Pear Deck - Slides Add-on link
 Blog post - "Supercharge Google Slides with Pear Deck Add-on" - Web site link
 Blog post - "21 New Free Interactive Pear Deck Templates for Google Slides" - Web site link
 Demo Slideshow for Testing - Google Slides link
 Demo Document for Testing - Google Document Link
 Pear Deck 3-Month Premium Access - Google Form link

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