Chrome Browser Interface Tour

  1. Browser Tab (the currently selected tab will be white or a lighter color, other non selected tabs will be gray or a darker color)

  2. Create New Tab- click on short unlabeled “tab” to open a new tab

  3. Omni Bar- is similar to the traditional browser address bar with additional features, as a...

    1. Address bar shows the website’s URL (web address, i.e.

    2. Search bar that will use the selected default search engine, Chrome defaults the Google search engine.

    3. Search bar with “previews”. As you type into the omnibox it will “anticipate” (if you have the prediction service turned on.) the site you are searching for (part of this is based on common search terms and part on your searching habits; ). Here is a guide to the small icon proceeding each term (from excellent article on How-To Geek Website- link

    1. Task bar.

      1. Perform mathematical calculations (i.e. =325/4 or =y(x-1), etc.)

      2. Provide unit conversion (how many cups in a gallon?)

      3. Set alarms and reminders (countdown time)

      4. Add Events to your Google Calendar

      5. Select other search engines (right-click on the Omnibox and select Edit search engines from the popup menu)

  1. Menu/Setting button (a.k.a “Pancake Stack” or “Hamburger on Bun” allow you to make changes to settings, access tools on Chrome menu- see above

  2. Extensions- Small "helper programs or tools" that can be added to Chrome. See lists of suggested extensions

  3. Forward/Back Arrows- allow you to move forward to visited pages or back to previous pages

  4. Refresh Button- will refresh content of current open tabs/windows. The same as pressing F-5 key on computer keyboard

  5. Home- take you back to a set home page or a home group of pages (set this is Chrome settings, under “On Startup…”

  6. Incognito Mode

    1. Allows you to log into another profile when already logged into one

    2. Browser does not save a record of what sites you have visited

    3. Browser does not save a record of what files you have download

    4. You can have multiple Incognito tabs open on an Incognito browser window

  7. Bookmark Bar

    1. Can be toggled on or off

    2. Consisted of bookmarks that are placed in the special “Bookmarks bar” folder under manage bookmarks

    3. It will only allow the number of bookmarks that can be displayed across page to show up based on length of bookmark title.

    1. Editing your bookmark titles (or even eliminating the name and just see the icon) can allow many more to be displayed

    2. You can also have subfolders in the Bookmark bar folder and these will appear as small folders on the bar with dropdown list of bookmarks in subfolders

  1. Other Bookmarks folder

  2. Link. When you hover your mouse of a hyperlinked image or text the full web address for that link will appear on bottom left corner of browser

Items with a “*” appear only when logged into you Gmail or GAFE account

  1. *Mail- this link will take you to your email

  2. Create a new bookmark for a page. Once a bookmark is created star will turn from transparent to yellow gold color

  3. Exit- close/quit Chrome window

  4. *User account name

  5. *App Launcher (a.k.a. the “Waffle Button”) allows you to open a variety of Google applications including Mail, Drive, Calendar, Sheets, etc.

  6. Reminder- You can set up Chrome to get notifications, like meeting reminders, from websites, apps, and extensions on your computer. This usually involve Google+

  7. Account- If you have two or more Chrome Profiles/Google Apps accountsyou can “switch” between them by clicking this and choosing “switch person” (this does not actually switch as it does not close your current account login, it simply provides a way to go back and forth between accounts) See multiple accounts document for more details